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For convenience, links to all Notenik-related resources external to this website have been gathered together on this page.

App Download

Notenik is available exclusively from the Mac App Store. Use the official button above or a text link.

Knowledge Base

The Notenik Knowledge Base contains all of the written documentation about Notenik. The Knowledge Base is, itself, a Notenik Collection. You can access it from various sources, and in various forms.

  • Within Notenik – After downloading and installing Notenik on your Mac, use this link to open a read-only copy of the Knowledge Base.

  • On the Web – If you'd rather consult the Knowledge Base without use of Notenik, please view the Web Book stored on this site, and available for viewing within your Web browser.

  • On GitHub – The Knowledge Base is stored on GitHub in its own repository.

Version History

The complete version history is contained within the Knowledge Base. Use the following links to access this log directly.

  • Within Notenik – After downloading and installing Notenik on your Mac, use this link to see the version history from within Notenik.

  • On the Web – Use this link to view the version history within your Web browser.

Notenik Web Site

This website has been created and is maintained using Notenik.

  • On the Web – This is the primary link to the Notenik website.

  • On GitHub – All of the content, templates and scripts used to generate the Notenik website.

Source Code

All of the Notenik source code is available on GitHub, split between several different repositories.

  • Notenik Swift – This is where you will find all of the code for creating and interacting with the user interface.

  • Notenik Lib – This is where you will find the code for manipulating the data.

  • Notenik Mkdown – This is the code for the Markdown parser built specifically for Notenik.

  • Notenik Utils – This repo contains some very general utilities that are not Notenik-specific.