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1 Welcome to Notenik!

Thanks for your interest in Notenik!

This brief intro can be accessed in several different ways.

  1. You can read it as a Web Book published on the website.

  2. You can read it from within Notenik, after launching the app for the first time on your Mac.

  3. You can read it from within Notenik, at some later date, perhaps by creating a new Collection and choosing this Notenik Intro as the starting point for your new Collection.

In general, the wording of this intro will assume that you are reading it within Notenik. If you are instead reading it as a Web Book (situation # 1, above), then you'll need to make your own mental adjustments to compensate for the fact that you are only viewing screenshots of the app, rather than working with the live application running on your own Mac.

If you are viewing this intro within Notenik (especially in situation # 2), then it can also serve as your first working Collection of Notes, if you would like. Feel free to modify it in any way that suits your needs or your interests.

When you're ready to move to the next Note, just click on the Next link below.

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