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16. Version History ↑

16.151 Version 1.5.0

Released on 20 Sep 2019

Enhanced Logic for Incrementing the Seq Field

Made some improvements in the logic for incrementing the Seq field to properly increment following Notes to prevent overlap.

Additional Refinements

Fixed a bug that sometimes caused newline characters to be ignored when trying to load a Note from disk.

Added a Dash as a New Variable Modifier

A dash may now optionally follow the letter O, which will result in the html string produced by the Markdown conversion having opening and closing paragraph tags stripped from the resulting string.

Added Special Treatment for Artist Field

A field name of Artist will now be used as an alternate to Author when sorting by Author. A leading ‘The’ will be ignored, and values will be sorted as if they were all lower case.

Added option to Template file

By specifying the value \ as the value for a field in a template file, the user can now indicate that a field is to be a long text field, rather than a one-line text field.

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