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16. Version History ↑

16.148 Version 1.8.0

Released on 06 Nov 2019

Folder Open thru Finder Drag-and-Drop Enabled

Folder(s) may now be opened by dragging them onto the Notenik icon in the Finder. Notenik will respond in one of four ways to each Finder item.

Changed Deployment Target Back to 10.14 to Allow Operation on Mojave

The last release inadvertently made Notenik unavailable to Mojave users.

Reports Option Added to Generate Sample Report Templates

When the user pulls down the Reports Action menu from the Toolbar, the first two items they see will now be:

Selecting one of these will then cause Notenik to create a reports folder for the collection, if one does not already exist, and then to create a report template containing all of the Collection’s fields in a basic layout. The user may then modify this template in order to further customize the output formatting.

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