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16. Version History ↑

16.147 Version 1.9.0

Released on 11 Nov 2019

Fixed a Note Delete Bug

A note that was being deleted would sometimes be immediately re-added. This has been corrected.

Fixed an Attachments Bug

Attachments were being deleted when the parent Note’s title was changed. This has now been corrected.

Added Option to Reverse the Sort

An option has been added to the Sort menu that will allow the user to reverse the current sequence of the list (from ascending to descending, or vice-versa).

Scripter Can Now Read Markdown Headers

Added a new input format to read a Markdown file and chunk it up into sections, based on its headers. Each resulting row of data will consist of fhe following fields:

Note that the resulting data can be used to generate a Table of Contents for the Markdown file, using an appropriately formatted template.

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