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16.48 Version 10.2.0

Date: 21 Aug 2022 - Sunday

Summarize Variable Modifier Now Recognizes Semicolons

When applying the Summarize Mod, Notenik will now accept either a semicolon or a period as a legitimate stopping point for a summary.

If the Notenik Markdown parser finds a reference link that is missing its corresponding definition, then Notenik will now skip generation of the anchor element altogether, to avoid any possible confusion for a browser.

When using the Wiki-Style Links Mod to request generation of HTML file names (option ‘1’), this option is now more effectively being applied. (In other words, there were some cases previously where it might not work, and now it does.)

Minor List Bug Resolved

Fixed a bug that sometimes would show a duplicate entry on the List tab after an update.

Fixed Bug with Hard Line Breaks within Paragraphs

I had a problem that would cause the beginning of one line to run up against the end of the prior line, without any intervening space. I believe this has been fixed.

Changes to Minutes to Read Value

Modified the Minutes to Read field to calculate its value based on a reading speed of 225 words per minute, instead of 200. Also modified the Word and Character Counts function to include Minutes to Read, based on the new number.

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