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16. Version History ↑

16.43 Version 10.7.0

Date: 03 Nov 2022 - Thursday

Added Rank as New Field Type

Added a new field type of Rank, allowing the user to specify a list of allowable values, with each value consisting of both a numeric and an alphabetic portion, with the numeric portion being used for sorting.

Added New Variable Modifier to Take Text From Right

A new Take Text from Right Mod can be used to drop leading digits, spacing and punctuation, returning only the remaining alphabetic text from the right side of a field.

Eliminated CMD Right Arrow as a Notenik Keyboard Shortcut

When editing a text block, this special Notenik assignment of CMD Right Arrow as a keyboard shortcut was blocking the normal action, expected by some, to move the cursor to the end of the line. This has been fixed.

A vertical bar (‘|’) may now be used within a Wiki Style Link to introduce the text that is to appear as the link, if different from the title of the target Note.

Alternate Syntax Available for Note/File Inclusion

In order to Include a Note or File, the user may now use the ![[embedded note]] syntax, in addition to the existing {{include:embedded note}} syntax.

Category Label No Longer Defaults to Tags Type

A field label of category or categories no longer defaults to a type of tags, since the user may wish to use such a label for a field type of rank.

Image Paths with Question Marks Fixed

Image paths with question marks were failing to locate local image files, so these are being specifically encoded for use in a URL.

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