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16. Version History ↑

16.41 Version 10.8.0

Date: 16 Nov 2022 - Wednesday

Provided Documentation for Starting Collection Types

Added documentation about the Starting Collection Types that a user may choose from when creating a new Collection.

Added New Starting Collection Type to Create Website

When choosing a Starting Collection Type, the user may now select a new starter pack containing examples of how to generate a Website.

Added Sort Options by Class

Added two new Collection Sort options: Class + Title and Class + Date + Title. (And if your Collection has a field named Type, but not a field of type Class, then these two sorts will use your Type values in place of the missing Class values.)

Changed Collection Sort Reverse to Default

Whenever the user selects a new Collection Sort option, the Reverse option will be reset to false, to ensure that Notes appear in their normal forward sequence, turning off the Reverse option, if it had previously been set on.

Added Notenik Master Class to Help Menu

A new Help Collection titled Notenik Master Class is now available from the Help menu. This provides an introduction to Notenik’s most advanced features, especially useful for website creation.

The Markdown to HTML - O variable modifier has been enhanced so that, when applied to a Back Links field or a Wiki Links field, the values will be converted to appropriate HTML for inclusion in a Web page.

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