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16.36 Version 11.3.0

Date: 17 Jan 2023 - Tuesday

Added macOS Shortcut Action to Open Quick Action Window

With this Notenik custom action, it is very easy to create a macOS Shortcut to invoke this action outside of Notenik, using whatever keyboard shortcut makes sense to you. In other words, this enables the user to create a global keyboard shortcut to open the Quick Action window in Notenik.

Improved Format for Date Column on the List Tab

When using a Sort selection that includes the Date field, the formatting of the field has been changed to add a 2-letter identifier for the day of the week at the end of the field, and to show the entire field in a monospaced font, so that the various date components always line up with one another within the column.

Tweaked Formatting when Including a Quote

When you Include a Note or File. and you use the quote style, the formatting of the quote’s attribution has been improved a bit.

Added Check Marks to Collection Sort Menu

Added check marks to the Sort submenu beneath the Collection menu to indicate which sort option(s) (possibly including the Reverse option) are currently in effect for the frontmost Collection.

Added Table Support for Long Cells

When using pipe characters to create an HTML Table, users can now use the MultiMarkdown convention of adding additional pipes at the end of a cell to indicate columns to be spanned.

Added Ability to Escape Pipe Characters

Pipe characters can now be escaped. This is especially useful if you wish a pipe character to appear within a Table.

For example, the following code:

| First Header  | Second Header             | Third Header |
| ------------  | :-----------:             | -----------: |
| Column 1      | Let's use an escaped '\|' | Column 3     |

… will be rendered as follows:

First Header Second Header Third Header
Column 1 Let’s use an escaped ‘|’ Column 3

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