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16. Version History ↑

16.34 Version 11.5.0

Date: 17 Feb 2023 - Friday

Corrected a Few Bugs

Fixed a bug limiting the ability to create Wiki Links Between Collections, and to Include a Note or File from a second Collection.

Also fixed a bug that was causing wiki links to break when using Attribution, and when line-wrapping the resulting attribution value.

Fixed a bug that was preventing a Class entry on the New Note with Options window from being successfully loaded into the resulting Edit tab for the new Note being created.

Fixed a couple of bugs related to the display of Edit fields based on the value of the Class field, and the number of Class Template Files in use.

Added an option available when you Tailor Collection Settings that will cause external links (links other than wiki links) to be opened in a new window or tab.

Added Keyboard Shortcut to Generate an Include for a Selected Note

When using the command to Select a Note for Action, the user can now use a keyboard shortcut of CMD-I to generate an Include command for the selected Note.

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