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16.33 Version 11.6.0

Date: 01 Mar 2023 - Wednesday

Added Markdown Command to Make a Table Sortable

Implemented a new Make a Table Sortable Markdown command to allow viewers to sort a following Markdown table by its column headings.

Added new Reference Page for HTML Class Values

Added a new Reference page where we can keep track of all of the HTML Class Values used by Notenik. This can be useful when seeking to override the default CSS styling.

Changing (Improving?) Default CSS Styling

Made some changes to hopefully improve the default CSS styling. Overall line height was increased a bit, and top and bottom margins were increased around list items, to make things look less crowded. Also introduced three new HTML Class Values for wiki links, external links and navigational links, along with default CSS styling for each. Links are now underlined using a dotted bottom border, rather than straight underlining. Underlining is dropped altogether for Nav links. A special icon is used following external links, so that users can easily tell which links will take them away from the current Collection/site. All of these changes are evident within the Knowledge Base, and hopefully make the whole thing a bit more user-friendly.

When the user uses Collection Settings to ‘Open external links in new Tabs/Windows,’ Notenik was erroneously setting internal page links (includiing ones created when you Generate a Note Table of Contents) to open in an external browser. This has been corrected.

When the user uses Collection Settings to ‘Open external links in new Tabs/Windows,’ that setting will now additionally be applied to any Link fields in the Collection, so that clicking on a Link value starting with http:// or https:// will then open the link in the user’s web browser, rather than opening the link within the Notenik Display tab.

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