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16.32 Version 11.7.0

Date: 27 Mar 2023 - Monday

Added a Text Format Field Type

A new Text Format field type can be used to specify that the body field for a Note is to be displayed as-is, rather than being run through a Markdown parser. This is especially useful for Notes that use leading white space on a line to indicate levels of indentation within an outline structure.

Upgraded Note Selector to Include Collection Shortcuts

When using the Note Selector to select a Note from another Collection (using a collection shortcut), Notenik will now do a better job of including the target Collection’s shortcut as part of the generated wiki link or include.

Added a Check to Prevent a Note titled ‘Template’ from being Added

A user recently pointed out that Notenik was not preventing him from adding a Note with a title of ‘Template’, even though such a Note would cause the Collection Template File to be overwritten! This has been corrected such that future attempts will be treated in the same way as attempts to create other duplicates, by adding a ‘1’ to the end of the Title field.

Fixed a couple of problems affecting Back Links, especially when combined with MultiMarkdown/YAML metadata.

Added Web Page as a Standard Work Type

The value Web Page has been added as a standard Work Type.

Added Command to Generate a Bibliography

A new Markdown command to Generate a Bibliography has been added.

Added New Field Type of Display-Seq

A new field type of Display Seq has been added. This can be used to complement the presence of a Seq field, allowing an author to specify an alternate numbering scheme to be displayed to readers.

Heading Centering Can Now be Set in Display Settings

The Display Settings can now be used to optionally center a range of heading levels.

Font Family and Size Can Now be Separately Set for Headings

The Display Settings can now be used to specify a font-family, and a size, to be used for all headings. Previously any headings would simply use the same font-family as body text, and a fixed set of sizes.

Paragraph Margins Modified

The CSS styling for paragraphs was modified to reduce the top margin, so that headings can be more closely associated with paragraphs that follow.

Added New Derived Variable

Added a new Derived Variable called Title Display Slug to wrap a Note title in the appropriate HTML code, based on the Collection Setting used to control Note Title Display.

Startup Completion Signaled Earlier in Process

Each time Notenik launches, it performs a check to ensure that its last launch was successful. If it finds that its last launch was not completed successfully, then Notenik resets its application settings to their default values, in case an errant app setting was causing a crash.

Notenik had been signaling startup completion after an optional chance for the user to Grant Folder Access to some top-level folder, in order to establish broad Disk Access Permissions. But if the user had requested this option at startup, but then quit Notenik before dealing with the resulting open panel, then Notenik was incorrectly seeing this as a crash at launch, and hence causing the app settings to be reset.

This has been fixed.

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