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16.31 Version 11.8.0

Date: 19 Apr 2023 - Wednesday

Improved Author Work Slug

Improved the Author Work Slug code to make it more flexible and general-purpose. Fixed a bug in the way that an author line containing multiple authors was being handled.

Improved Footnotes and Citations

When a Collection contains a Short ID field, Notenik will now embed each Note’s short id into the HTML id fields generated for Footnotes and Citations, so that these IDs will continue to have unique values, even when combining the HTML for multiple Notes into a single Web page.

New Markdown commands were added that allow the user to specify elements that will be displayed on every page/note of a Collection: Supply a Page Header, Supply Page Navigation and Supply a Page Footer. These are now put to use within the Notenik Knowledge Base.

Added title-page as a Class Value

Added title-page as one of the Special Class Values recognized by Notenik. A Note marked with this class value will not have a page header or a page nav section applied to it.

Knowledge Base Index Greatly Improved

Every page of the Notenik Knowledge Base now features links to the Table of Contents and to the Index on the top right of each page, making it much easier to navigate back and forth between details and these two navigational pages. The Index to the Knowledge Base, in particular, has been significantly improved with this release, and should now be much more useful.

EPUB Metadata

A new Markdown command to Supply EPUB Metadata has been added, to aid in the creation of an EPUB file.

EPUB Creation Improved

I’m sure there is still room for additional refinement here, but Notenik can now create a working e-book in the EPUB 3 format via the Export as Web Book function.

Added Ability to Format Current Date and Time

When using the today System Variable, Notenik will now honor time formatting parameters, resulting in the current date and time, rather than just the date.

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