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16. Version History ↑

16.30 Version 11.9.0

Date: 29 Apr 2023 - Saturday

Drag and Drop Now Copies Attachments

When you drag a Note from one Collection, and then drop it onto the List tab of another Collection, Notenik will now copy any attached files, as well as copying the Note itself. See Copy, Cut, Paste and Share your Notes for details.

Go To a Random Note

A new Markdown command has been added that will allow the user to Go To Random Note within the same Collection.

Added Class Special Value of Exclude

Notenik recognizes a number of Special Class Values when a Collection uses a Class field. The special value of exclude has been added to this list, and will cause Notes with this class value to be excluded from the Collection’s reading list. This is most useful when using the Streamlined Reading option.

Some Changes to the Knowledge Base Organization

The Reference section used to be at the very back of the Notenik Knowledge Base – it has now been moved ahead of the Version History section, leaving that section at the very back, since it is so long. Also, the navigational pages (search, index, etc.) have been broken out of the Reference section, and placed into a new section, named ‘Navigation’, which is just in front of the Reference section.

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