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16.21 Version 12.8.0

Date: 25 Aug 2023 - Friday

Added a New Phone Field

Added a new Phone field that can be used to create a clickable link to make a call to the indicated number, using the tel: URI scheme.

The Link field logic has been enhanced to improve interoperability of values with other apps, such as iA Writer.

Corrected Navigation Scrolling

When moving backwards through the Collection, Notenik was scrolling to two rows beyond the selected Note – which sometimes resulted in the selected Note being offscreen. In such a case, Notenik will now scroll two rows below the selected Note – leaving the selected Note and at least two rows of “margin” visible to the user.

Improved Template Generation Logging

Improved the data reporting from the Template module when generating a template, to enhance the user’s ability to debug template problems.

When handling a Wiki Links Between Collections, Notenik will now tolerate, but ignore, leading punctuation preceding a folder name.

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