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16.20 Version 12.9.0

Date: 15 Sep 2023 - Friday

The Set Local Link command was not working correctly to set File Links. This has been corrected.

In addition, a note with a local link can now be created by dragging a file (something like a PDF) onto the List tab for a Collection, then dropping the file after an existing row. The new Note’s Title will be based on the name of the file dropped, and will contain a link to the file.

Also, a new command beneath the Note menu will Convert a Local Link to an Attachment, if the user would prefer to access the external file in that manner.

Improvements to Author Name Modifier

Improved the Author Name Modifier to show all last names when multiple authors are combined into a single entry.

The Wiki-Style Links Mod has been enhanced to recognize Wiki Links Between Collections, and to handle them in such a way that these links can still work reliably when generating HTML output pages for a website.

Added Export to HTML Outline Option

Added a new Export option to generate a single HTML file containing an outline structure housing all of a Collection’s Notes.

Fixed a Problem with the Rank Field

This bug may have been affecting some other field types as well.

Added Share Using Merge Template

The Share with Options command now offers an option to format the selected Note using a Merge Template specified by the user.

Fixed Level 1 Headings Beginning with Digits

The number sign (‘#’) can have multiple meanings. When 1 - 6 of these symbols are placed at the beginning of a line, then Markdown interprets the line as a heading. But this symbol can also be used as part of ordinary writing to indicate that a number follows. Previously, when a line started with one of these symbols, and was followed by a space, but the space was then followed by a digit, the Notenik Markdown parser interpreted this as an attempt to identify the digit(s) as a number, rather than indicating a level 1 heading. The parser has now been modified to only make this assumption (number sign rather than heading indicator) when the symbol is not immediately followed by a space.

When creating Wiki Links Between Collections, the Collection Setting to Create Notes for Missing Wiki Link Targets will now be respected, resulting in missing Notes being automatically created for the user.

Apostrophes Now Allowed in File Names

The apostrophe/single quote character is now allowed to remain in file names, when these are found in Note titles. These characters were previously being replaced with a space and a dash.

Added HTML Style for Checklist Items

List items for Checklists are now written out with an HTML class value of ‘checklist-item’.

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