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16.14 Version 13.5.0

Date: 30 Nov 2023 - Thursday

Expanded Collection ToC Command

The Markdown command to Generate a Collection Table of Contents has been expanded so that it does a reasonable job of handling a Collection sorted by Date + Seq.

Added a Travel Planner

Added a Starting Collection Type for a Travel Planner.

Added Code Snippets

Added a Starting Collection Type for Code Snippets.

Fixed Note Line Parser Bug

Found a bug in the Note file parser that could prematurely send the parser into body parsing when an indented line was found in a multi-line field, if that happened to be the first field following the Title for a Note. This has been corrected.

Fixed Bug Generating Line Breaks Within Tables

Corrected a problem that could generate HTML line break commands within generated tables.

Scripter Window Documentation

Added some documentation for the Scripter Window.

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