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16. Version History ↑

16.12 Version 13.7.0

Date: 16 Jan 2024 - Tuesday

Improved Collection Table of Contents

When you Generate a Collection Table of Contents, and precede it with a command to Generate Outline Based on Unordered List Items, the resulting HTML has been improved to make it more usable.

Added a Query Refresh

Added a Refresh button to the Query Output Window.

Added a Custom URL to Open an Attachment

The Notenik Custom URL Scheme has been updated to allow the opening of a file attachment.

Added a Markdown Command to Generate a List of Attachments

The Notenik Markdown parser now supports a special command to Generate a List of Attachments, making use of the improved Custom URL Scheme described above.

Clarified Use of Collection Identifiers

Clarified the use of Collection Identifiers.

Added a Lookback Field Type

Added a new field type of Lookback, which can be used in conjunction with lookup fields in another Collection.

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