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16.3 Version 14.5.0

Date: 17 May 2024 - Friday

ISO 8601 Date Formatting Fix

When using a Formatting String to format a date in a Merge Template, ISO 8601 style date formatting (with a ‘T’ separating the date from the time) was not working. This has been corrected by using the ISO 8601 Date Formatter for date formats containing the telltale ‘T’.

File Extension Extraction Provided

The new Extract Part of a Variable - Caret merge template variable modifier can be used to extract the file extension from a file name or path string.

Improved Index Extract

Added a Page Status field to the extract format used when specifying a Scripting Module Input Module Parameter of notenik-index.

Improved Export to iCal

Made several improvements to the Export to iCal function.

Prevented Opening of Same Collection in Multiple Windows

In some circumstances, Notenik could allow the same Collection to be opened in multiple windows. This has been corrected, so requests to open a Collection, if it is already open, should now uniformly result in simply bringing forward the existing window for the Collection.

Resolved Conflict Between Class and Folder Fields

The class folder was mistakenly being used as a sub-folder, in cases where both options were being used. This has been fixed.

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