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16. Version History ↑

16.2 Version 14.6.0

Date: 01 Jun 2024 - Saturday

Increased Maximum Body Edit Height

A user recently noted that Notenik was unable to show all 10,000 lines of a large Body field on the Edit tab. The maximum height of this edit view has now been significantly increased.

Improved Report Outputs

When Generating Reports, a few improvements have been made:

Improved Reports Menu

The reports menu will now show all script files and all template files found in the reports folder. Previously, if any scripts were found, no templates were shown.

Adjustable Minimum Body Edit Height

When you Tailor Collection Settings, you will now find an option to adjust the Minimum Body Edit Height in Lines. This defaults to 5 lines, but can be set as high as 60 lines. This value can also be adjusted up or down, in increments of 5 lines, by using new menu items beneath the View menu. Adjusting this value upwards can be useful if you have a Collection with lots of metadata fields, and you are finding that the Edit tab is sometimes devoting too little space to the actual body of the Note.

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