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16.144 Version 2.2.0

Released on 04 Dec 2019

Fixed Bug in Persisting the Sort Reverse Setting

Notenik had been resetting the Reverse setting each time a Collection was opened.

Eliminated Option to Generate Sample Reports for Help Notes

App Store testers correctly pointed out that selecting this option for the Help Notes would cause a crash.

Suppressed Empty Tags from Favorites to HTML Export

You can sometimes end up with empty tags in a collection, as a result of deleting notes or changing tags. Previously these would be included when creating a Favorites page, but they are now suppressed.

Moved Reload Collection Command from File Menu to Collection Menu

The Reload Collection command will hopefully be easier to find beneath the Collection menu.

Added Support for ‘Favourites’ in addition to ‘Favorites’

Based on feedback from a user in Australia, added support for the British spelling of ‘Favourites’.

Added Cut, Copy and Paste Support for Notes

The Cut, Copy and Paste commands — along with their corresponding keyboard shortcuts — are now enabled on the Edit menu for Notes. After selecting a Note, the Cut or Copy commands may be used to cut/copy the entire note. The note is copied to the clipboard as text, so that it can then be pasted into any application where text is accepted — including, but not limited to, Notenik itself. Be aware that the user should be on the Display Tab, and not the Edit tab, in order to perform these note-based functions since, when on the Edit tab, cut/copy/paste will typically apply to the text within a field, and not to the entire note.

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