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16. Version History ↑

16.143 Version 2.3.0

Released on 10 Dec 2019

Fixed Treatment of Teaser Field

Modified to treat the Teaser field as longtext.

Increased Tolerance for Notes with Alternative Formatting

Some note-takers start their text files with lines such as the following.

# Note Title
Body starts here. 

Notenik will now recognize the first line of such a file as containing the Note’s title, and will recognize the second line as containing a tag for the Note.

Also, bracket characters and parentheses preceding a colon will now indicate to Notenik that such text should not be treated as a field label.

Added Timestamp Field

A Timestamp field can be used to generate a timestamp for each note, in a “yyyyMMddkkmmss” format, consisting of:

All of this is normalized to Greenwich Mean Time, and formatted without spaces or punctuation.

Ink Added as another Markdown Parser Option

Down is the default, but you can switch to Ink on the new Markdown tab within the Application Settings.

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