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16. Version History ↑

16.129 Version 3.7.0

Released on 12 May 2020

New Template Option to specify Field values to Pick From

In a template file, users can now specify a series of ‘pick-from’ values for a field.

Double-clicking on a Note from the List tab will now attempt to launch whatever Link the Note may have.

Added Command to Discard Edits

Beneath the Note menu the user can now find a command (with suitable shortcut) to discard the edits that are currently in work. This can be used to do away with an attempt to add a new Note, or with in-progress changes to an existing Note.

Notenik iCloud Container

Notenik now has its own iCloud Container, and the Collections Board (originally the Bookmarks Board) has been reconfigured a bit to make special use of it.

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