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16. Version History ↑

16.114 Version 4.3.0

Released on 02 Aug 2020

Added the Ability to Specify a Boolean Field

Supplying a value of <bool> or <boolean> for a field in a Collection’s template file will produce a field that can have a value of true or false, and that will be represented on the Edit tab as a checkbox.

Included the Author Field in the Search function

The Author field, if present, will now be included in the fields being searched.

Added Template Trailing Command

Added a new trailing command to the merge template spec.

Fixed an End-of-Group bug

A bug in processing the end of a group was preventing the major (or only) end-of-group processing from happening at the end of the input data file.

Eliminated trimming of Merge Template Lines

Merge template lines were being trimmed – that is, leading and trailing spaces and tabs were being removed. That should no longer be occurring.

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