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16. Version History ↑

16.116 Version 5.0.0

Released on 08 Dec 2020

Reworked Logic for Navigating forwards and backwards

This seems to work more intuitively now.

Modified to allow URLs linking to files

URLs starting with ‘file:’ should now be recognized as valid URLs.

However, permissions issues may still prevent such links from being usefully resolved, if they link outside of the sandbox to a file for which the app does not have access privileges.

This should resolve Issue # 42.

Fixed Bug in Persisting Custom CSS

Notenik allows custom CSS to be entered in the Display Fonts Settings, but these custom entries were being overwritten when Notenik was relaunched. This has now been corrected. This should close Issue # 41.

Parentheses within link text were not getting handled properly.

After following a web link within a Note, the back button, or prior Note command, will now take the user back to the Note display.

This should close Issue # 43.

Fixed Bug in Move Collection Logic

The ‘alias.txt’ file was not being copied. This has been corrected.

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