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16. Version History ↑

16.102 Version 6.3.0

Date: 10 Jun 2021 - Thursday

Released on 09 Jun 2021

New Documentation is Coming!

I’m using the new Notenik features included in this release to develop a new Notenik Knowledge Base that will be available soon!

Added New Collection Command to Replace Tags based on Seq and Level

This new command automatically adds tags to reflect the outline structure created by combining Seq and Level.

Added Collection Command to Renumber Seq Based on Level

Now that we have a Level field, we can combine Level with Seq to create an outline structure, and then, with this change, can automatically renumber the Seq fields in a Collection to reflect that outline structure.

Added Level as New Field Label and Type

Level has been added as a new field label and type.

Updates to Work List Field Type

I added ‘Novel’ and ‘Podcast’ as new choices, when specifying the type of work being referenced or quoted.

I also modified the logic so that you can use either a leading lower-case letter, or leading upper-case, when entering a work type value. Whichever one is used, and chosen, the value stored will be with leading upper-case.

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