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16.81 Version 7.7.0

Date: 30 Nov 2021 - Tuesday

Released on 30 Nov, 2021

Added Class Templates

The functionality of the Class field type has been expanded to include the use of a special template file for each different allowable class value within a Collection. These new Class Template files can be used for two different purposes: a) to limit the available field labels relevant to the Notes of a specified class; and b) to supply default values for some of the fields, when creating a new Note of the specified class.

Added a New Note w/Options command

Use the New Note with Options command, beneath the Note menu, to inteliigently prepopulate some of the fields on the Edit tab.

Added the Attribution Field

The new Attribution field can be used to identify the source of a quote, and allows for Markdown formatting, including use of Wiki Style Links.

Removed Calculated Fields from the Edit Tab

The Edit Tab should no longer show fields that are not user-editable. This can make the Edit Tab a lot cleaner, even without using the new Class Templates.

Better Handling of Collections with Repeated Shortcuts

If you end up somehow creating two Collections that have the same Collection shortcut, then Notenik should now do a better job of ensuring that Collections within the current parent realm are the ones used, rather than other Collection(s) opened earlier.

Improvements to Class Formatting

Some improvements have been made to the ways in which the special class values will be displayed.

If a Note’s title contains a comma followed by a space (as in “Bowie, Herb”), then a request to format a Wikipedia Link from the title will result in the text preceding the comma being swapped with the text following the comma, and the comma being removed (as in “Herb Bowie”).

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