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16. Version History ↑

16.76 Version 8.1.0

Date: 22 Jan 2022 - Saturday

Added an Include-Quote-Body option for Markdown Inclusion

When using the Markdown extension to Include a Note or File within the body of a Note, the style quotebody can now be used to pull in the body of a second Note, formatted as a blockquote, but without any attempt at attribution.

Exclude Included Notes from list of Included Children

If you use a command to Include a Note or File within the body of a Note, then Notenik will now exclude that same Note from being displayed within a list of included children that might be displayed following the parent Note.

Exclude ToC Page from Table of Contents

When you Generate a Collection Table of Contents, the page on which the ToC appears will no longer itself be included in the generated Table.

Enhanced Tags Display

For a Collection sorted by Seq, the Seq value will now appear on the Tags tab, preceding each Note’s title.

Sorted Out Some Problems with Model Collections

Straightened out some inconsistencies in how model Collections (including the Notenik Intro) are handled.

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