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16. Version History ↑

16.71 Version 8.3.0

Date: 10 Feb 2022 - Thursday

Added Notenik Tips

Created a set of short tips on Notenik usage. These will launch at startup, until the user sets this option off in the Notenik General Settings. They can also be accessed using the Help menu.

Back to Top for Streamlined Reading

In Streamlined Reading mode, the user normally sees a ‘Next:’ label at the bottom of the page, followed by a link to the next Note. When the user reaches the end of a Collection, this ‘Next’ link is now replaced by a ‘Back to Top’ link, to take the user back to the first Note in the Collection.

Collection Window Positions Now Recalled

Notenik will now record the last window position and size, including the split view divider position, for each Collection window, and will then attempt to restore these values the next time the Collection is opened. These values are saved per Collection, so different Collections will have their windows restored to their own sizes and positions.

Random Note Navigation

A new option beneath the Nav menu allows the user to jump to a randomly selected Note in the Collection. Try this with the new Notenik Tips!

A Couple of Additional Mathjax Issues Sorted

A couple of additional issues that could surface when using Mathjax have been corrected.

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