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16.70 Version 8.4.0

Date: 15 Feb 2022 - Tuesday

Added Support for YAML Frontmatter

Notenik had previously supported MultiMarkdown metadata, but had not explicitly supported YAML frontmatter. The omission was most problematic when multiple values for a field were expressed on multiple lines following the label, with each line starting with a dash. Notenik now supports this sort of metadata, both when reading existing files, and when modifying or adding files in this format. See the revised documentation on Existing Text Files for details.

General Improvements in Handling Alternate Metadata Formats

Made several miscellaneous improvements in the way that Notenik handles text files in alternate text file formats.

Increased Respect for Existing Collection Formats

When creating a new Note, Notenik would previously always use the Notenik format, even when adding a Note to a Collection containing text files in alternate formats. Notenik will now attempt to add new Notes in a format consistent with that of existing Notes in the folder.

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