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16.67 Version 8.7.0

Date: 11 Mar 2022 - Friday

Refined Rules for Opening Folders

Refined the rules for opening folders, to distinguish between folders that should be opened by Notenik, vs. folders to be opened in the FInder. Also added code to recognize packages as different from ordinary folders.

Added Option to Exclude Untagged Notes

When making use of the Markdown extension to generate a tags outline, untagged Notes may now be excluded from the resulting display.

Added Seq Formatting Options

When making use of a Seq field, the user may now edit the collection template file and add various codes to control how Seq values are formatted on secondary displays.

Added Appearance Option in App Settings

Users can now override the System appearance preference and ask Notenik to always use a light appearance, or to always use a dark appearance, by setting the desired option explicitly using the App Appearance dropdown on the General tab of the Notenik Settings.

The user may now select multiple rows on the List tab, then Ctrl-Click on any one of those rows to pull up a contextual menu, then select Launch Link from the menu, in order to open the Link fields for all of the selected Notes. Multiple Links may also be launched by using the Launch Link command beneath the Note menu.

A contextual menu has now been added to the Tags tab, containing the Launch Link option, and multiple rows may be launched at once, in the same way as described above for the List tab.

Added New Command to Grant Folder Access

The user may now use a command beneath the File menu to select a parent folder to which Notenik is to be granted access. After selecting such a folder, Notenik will have unfettered access to open files and folders within the chosen parent (which could, for example, be the user’s home directory).

Added Knowledge Base Chapter on using Notenik as a Project Launcher

See Make a Project Launcher in the Putting It All Together section.

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