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16. Version History ↑

16.60 Version 9.1.0

Date: 15 Apr 2022 - Friday

Added Option to Remove Tags Based on Level

Beneath the Collection menu, and then the Level menu, added an option to remove tags based on level that had been previously added.

Added Import of a Single Text File

Beneath the File menu, and then the Import menu, added an option to import a text file. The same effect can be achieved by dragging a text file from the Finder onto a Collection’s List.

Modified Discard of Edits

Changed the keyboard shortcut for the Discard Edits command from a simple CMD-D to Shift-CMD-D. Also added an alert asking the user to verify that they really want to discard their current edits.

Added a Tags Cloud Command

Added a new Markdown command to Generate a Tags Cloud.

Bug Fixes

This release also incorporates bug fixes released in Version 9.0.1 and Version 9.0.2.

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