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16.57 Version 9.3.0

Date: 09 May 2022 - Monday

Expand Note Selector to Include Other Collections

The Note Selector (introduced in Version 8.8.0) allows the user to quickly and easily select another Note and then perform one of a number of actions on it – including formatting a Wiki Link to reference that Note, ready for insertion into the body of the Note being edited.

A Wiki Link can only link to another Note within the same Collection.

However, one can construct something like a Wiki Link to another Note in a different Collection by using the Notenik Custom URL Scheme in combination with Collection Shortcuts.

So the Note Selector window now includes a Collection Shortcut field. It’s initially blank, indicating that the current Collection is to be referenced. But you can use the dropdown to select a different Collection, and then perform similar/equivalent actions on a Note from the other Collection.

Added Import Option for Folder of Text Files

Version 9.1.0 added an option to import a single text file that could be in any of a variety of formats. This new version adds an option to import a whole folder full of such files.

Modified Defaults for New Level Field

A new Level field now actually defaults to a range of 1 - 9. It would previously default to 0 - 9.

Added Command to Populate App Catalog

A new command to Populate App Catalog has been added.

Souped Up the Status Field

Version 8.5.0 opened up the Status field to allow input that did not match any of the preset values, but also left a few problems behind. These Status field problems have now been cleaned up, to allow the user to more easily pick a value from a dropdown.

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