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16.53 Version 9.7.0

Date: 05 Jul 2022 - Tuesday

System Appearance Preserved in Generated CSS

Beginning with Version 8.7.0 the user has been able to explicitly set a light or dark appearance for Notenik, overriding whatever the System Setting might be. However, whenever Notenik was generating CSS for use outside of Notenik (or within a sample display.css file), that CSS would still default to the general System appearance. This change fixes that, so that the generated CSS will be based on the user’s current wishes, as expressed by the App Appearance setting on the General tab of the Notenik Settings.

Share Menu Item Renamed

The Share option beneath the Note menu has been renamed to Share w/Options, to help distinguish it from the Share button on the Toolbar.

Better-Looking HTML

The HTML code produced by Notenik has been prettified a bit, with better spacing at the beginning of lines, and better line breaks and spacing before and after block tags. No changes were made that would affect the HTML syntax.

Indent Spacing on the List Tab is Now Adjustable

When viewing a Collection containing a level field, and when viewing the List of Notes sorted by Seq + Title, the title of each Note will be indented to indicate the level of each particular Note within the implied outline.

The default is to indent one space per level, but with this change the spacing can be adjusted on the General tab of the Notenik Settings.

New Collection Title Taken from Folder Name

When creating a new Collection, the Collection title will be initially set to the folder name of the Collection. (It was previously being set to the name of the model Collection used to initialize the new Collection, but I had never intended to leave it this way.)

Import Logic Modified Slightly

When performing an import operation, and importing a folder of text files, Notenik will now suspend its usual requirement that all desired fields be already defined for the Collection, and will instead add any new fields found in the input source, but not already defined for the Collection. This is consistent with the general principle to “Be conservative in what you do, be liberal in what you accept from others” (often referred to as Postel’s Law).

Several Knowledge Base Typos Corrected

Thanks to J.G. for reporting these!

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