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16.51 Version 9.9.0

Date: 22 Jul 2022 - Friday

Added Several Notenik Custom Shortcuts Actions

Added several Notenik custom Actions for Shortcuts, ready for use with Shortcuts on Mac.

Debut of Query Builder

Query Builder is a new function available beneath the Collection menu. This is an easy way to generate a script and merge template to filter, sort and list your Notes.

Added Startup Options to Prompt to Grant Access

Added a new Notenik General Preference to request that the user be prompted to grant folder access to a location of their choice whenever Notenik launches. This is fully described under the topic of Disk Access Permissions.

Fixed Blog Creation Problem

Fixed a problem that would throw an error message when trying to create a new Collection using the Blog Collection template.

Fixed Window Placement

Notenik will generally try to remember where a Collection window was last placed, and put it back in the same position the next time it is opened. However, when a window was placed in an extreme position (in a corner, or right up against an edge), it sometimes failed to reposition successfully. This has been corrected.

Added Merge Variable Modifier to Convert a Title to a Note ID

Added a new Merge Template Variable Modifier of To Identifier - I, which will convert a Note Title to a valid ID that can be used as part of a Notenik Custom URL. This is used as part of the new Query Builder.

Restructured the Knowledge Base

Adding a couple of new sections in the front: “Is Notenik Right for You?” and “The Notenik Manifesto.” These replace a couple of similar sections that were previously in the back: “How Notenik Stacks Up Against the Big Names” and “The Philosophy behind Notenik.”

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