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4. Is Notenik Right for You? ↑

4.9 A Personal Content Management System

This seems as good a time as any to make a small confession. I have a lot of history working with database systems, and also with web content management systems, such as Drupal. So when I originally started writing Notenik, several things seemed very natural to me:

  1. Thinking of a Note as an object, or an entity, or a row in a table, or a record, depending on your preferred terminology.

  2. Thinking of every value associated with a Note as having its own field name (aka label, or column heading).

  3. Having different types of fields available, each with its own intended usage and functionality.

  4. Different Collections of Notes each having their own sets of associated field names and types.

And so, in some ways, Notenik is as much a small, text-based, personal database application (akin to the early versions of FileMaker) as it is anything else.

Keeping this lineage in mind may help you understand some of the thinking behind Notenik, and some of its potential uses, as you continue with your exploration of the product.

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