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4.12 Connections Between Notes

If you use Wiki-Style Links extensively, then over time you may wish to see a summary view of what links to what, and what is linked to from what.

Notenik provides these views via a couple of special fields.

The first field is called Wiki Links, and it provides a summarized list of all the forward links found within the body of each Note.

The second field is called Back Links, and it provides a summarized list of all the other Notes that link to the Note being viewed.

If you choose Back Links for a Collection, then the Wiki Links field will also be enabled.

Both of these fields, when present, are automatically maintained for you by Notenik.

You can include these fields on any Collection that you like, but they are not present by default.

Some comparable apps present this information via a graph, or a graphic view where lines represent connections, and dots represent connected notes. Notenik does not offer such a view.

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