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5.12 Custom URL Scheme

Notenik has its own custom URL scheme, which can be invoked by other apps as a means of integrating Notenik with these other applications.

Note that URLs must in general be percent encoded. The most common encoding is done by replacing each space with %20.

The following commands are supported.


Following is a sample URL:


Let's break this down:

An easy way to obtain a complete URL that can be used to later open a specific Note is to right-click the Note's row on the List tab within Notenik, and then select Copy Notenik URL from the contextual menu that will pop up. This will copy a complete Notenik URL to the clipboard, from which it can then be pasted into another location.


Following is a sample URL:


Again, let's break this down.

Other fields may also be specified for a new Note, using a similar label=value convention.


Following is a sample URL:


Once more, let's break this down:

The query string is optional. If it is not supplied, then the Knowledge Base will be opened at the first Note in the Collection.

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