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4. Is Notenik Right for You? ↑

4.18 Integrating with Other Apps

Notenik has its own Custom URL Scheme, meaning that you can type a URL starting with notenik://, followed by a valid Notenik command, and then, by following that link from another application, can get Notenik to do something for you: open a Collection, open a particular Note, add a new Note, etc.

Notenik also provides menu commands to easily generate custom URLs linking to selected Notes within a Notenik Collection.

Notenik also has a special Link field, and you can use that to fire off custom URLs for other apps – or, for Notenik itself, for that matter.

Although Notenik is not scriptable via AppleScript in the classic sense, it does implement a number of custom AppleScript commands designed to support integration with other apps – most notably, Hookmark. Hookmark integration scripts for Notenik are now available to Hookmark users via their official channels.

Notenik also offers some custom actions for use with Shortcuts for the Mac.

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