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18.6 Keyboard Shortcuts

Following are the keyboard shortcuts available within the app.

Ctrl Shift Opt Cmd Key Command
Cmd A Select All (Mac Standard)
Cmd B Nav Board
Cmd C Copy (Mac Standard)
Shift Cmd D Discard Edits
Ctrl D Insert a Date
Cmd E Edit Note
Cmd F Find (aka Search) (Mac Standard)
Opt Cmd F Advanced Search
Cmd G Find Again (Mac Standard)
Cmd H Hide Notenik (Mac Standard)
Opt Cmd H Hide Others (Mac Standard)
Cmd I Increment Date or Seq
Cmd J Reload Note (see Use of a Text Editor)
Cmd K Close (i.e. kill) a Note (see Task-Related Fields)
Cmd L Launch Link
Opt Cmd L Generate Wikipedia Link
Shift Opt Cmd L Clean Link
Cmd M Minimize (Mac Standard)
Cmd N New Note
Opt Cmd N New Note with Options
Cmd O Open a Collection (Mac Standard)
Opt Cmd O Open a Parent Realm
Shift Opt Cmd O Open Collection Folder in the Finder
Shift Cmd P Grant Permissions to Folder
Ctrl P Toggle Presentation Mode
Cmd Q Quit Notenik (Mac Standard)
Ctrl Q Take Quick Action
Cmd R Run a Script File
Ctrl R Toggle Streamlined Reading
Cmd S Save the Note (Mac Standard)
Opt Cmd S Share with Options
Ctrl S Select a Note for Action
Cmd T Text Edit a Note
Cmd U Catch Up Daily Tasks (see Make a To-Do List)
Cmd V Paste (Mac Standard)
Cmd W Close Window (Mac Standard)
Cmd X Cut (Mac Standard)
Cmd Y Toggle display of Left side of Window (List/Tags)
Ctrl Y Query Builder
Cmd 0 Reverse Sort Sequence
Cmd 1 Sort by Title
Cmd 2 Sort by Seq + Title
Cmd 3 Sort Tasks by Date
Cmd 4 Sort Tasks by Seq
Cmd 5 Sort by Tags + Title
Cmd 6 Sort by Tags + Seq
Cmd 7 Sort by Author
Cmd 8 Sort by Date Added
Cmd 9 Sort by Date Modified
Cmd [ Prior Note
Cmd ] Next Note
Opt Cmd ] Indent Note
Opt Cmd [ Outdent Note
Shift Cmd ] Random Note
Cmd = Increase Edit Font Size
Cmd - Decrease Edit Font Size
Cmd , Display Application Settings
Cmd ; Display Collection Settings
Cmd ' Toggle Status
Cmd . Increment Status

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