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13.3.36 Linked Tags - Z

This modifier is similar to Linked Tags - G, but works slightly differently.

Linked Tags - G works well when each tag will have a separate page listing posts/notes containing that tag.

Linked Tags - Z works best when each tag will have a separate section within a single shared page.

As with Linked Tags - G, this modifier takes a Tags field, and then breaks it down into its constituent tags, creating an HTML hyperlink (using the Anchor tag) for each separate tag within the field.

One to three strings may be specified after the ‘z’ variable modifier, separated as needed by semicolons.

  1. The first string will be prepended to each tag value, within the generated href attribute.

  2. The second string will be appended to each tag value, within the generated href attribute.

  3. The third string can be used to supply an optional class value to be used within the generated anchor tags.

Here’s an example of how this variable modifier might be used.

Let’s suppose we have a post/note with a tags field containing ‘god, religion’.

Now, let’s suppose we have the following variable within a Merge Template.


When the tempate is generated, it would result in the following HTML:

<a href='topics.html#tags.god' rel='tag'>god</a>, <a href='topics.html#tags.religion' rel='tag'>religion</a>

Then, when the tags are clicked within the resulting web page, the links will take the user to the appropriate section for each tag within the ‘topics.html’ page.

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