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14. Merge Templates ↑

14.4 Merge Commands

All commands must be enclosed in the chosen Merge Delimiters. In addition, all commands must appear on lines by themselves, and must begin in the first positions of their lines (with no preceding spaces or tabs). Command names can be in upper- or lower-case. Each command may have zero or more operands. Operands may be separated by any of the following delimiters: space, comma (‘,’), semi-colon (‘;’) or colon (‘:’). Operands that contain any of these delimiters must be enclosed in single or double-quotation marks.

The following commands are recognized. They are presented in the typical sequence in which they would be used.

<?delims new delimiters?>

<?output "filename.ext"?>

<?set global = 0?>


<?include "filename.ext" ?>

<?ifchange ?>

<?if ?>

<?definegroup group-number ?>

<?ifendgroup group-number?>


<?ifnewgroup group-number?>





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