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5. Notenik Settings

Notenik has a number of application-wide settings that can be adjusted to reflect your preferences.

These are available from the Settings… item beneath the Notenik menu, found in the upper left corner, just to the right of the Apple icon.

In most cases the specifics of these settings will be discussed at other points in the Knowledge Base, based on where they are applicable.

These Notenik Settings are grouped into four different tabs.


These are the most general settings. Details will be described later, on the pages documenting the functions affected by each setting.

For details on the settings pertaining to Collection Titles, see the Collection Title page.


These are settings that apply when you are exporting Favorites to HTML. See that page for details.

Tags Export

These are settings that affect the way in which tags are exported, optionally selecting some, and optionally suppressing others.


On this tab you can exercise your Choice of Markdown Parsers.

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