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9.7 Managing a Bunch of Collections ↑

9.7.2 Open Parent Realm

In addition to the normal Open and Open Recent commands beneath the File menu, Notenik also has an Open Parent Realm command.

You may invoke this command to select a folder containing one or more items that Notenik can open individually. Subfolders avoiding certain common names (css, files, fonts, etc.) will also be scanned for eligible items.

Notenik will then construct a pseudo-Collection from these items, and present it to the user. The Collection will be in read-only mode, but can be used to open / launch any of the items appearing on the list.

The following types of items will be listed in a Parent Realm Pseudo-Collection:

Note that the Tags tab will organize these Collections and Scripts by folder, and also by item type.

Note also that Notenik will store a file in the parent realm folder named ‘- INFO-parent-realm.nnk’, in order to preserve metadata about the pseudo-collection.

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