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7.1.1 Tailor the Display

You can alter the typeface and font size used on the Display tab by selecting the Display Appearance item under the Format menu, or by clicking on the Display Fonts button on the toolbar. You may then pick a typeface and font from the displayed dropdown menus or, if you’d like, enter the CSS you’d like to be used directly, bypassing the limits of these menus. The default font list only includes a relatively short list of common fonts; by checking the box to use the long list, showing all fonts, the user may select any font family available on your Mac.

The Collection Settings contain a couple of options for changing the way a Note is formatted on the Display tab.

The layout and appearance of the Display tab for a particular Collection can be further customized by the addition of either of the following special files to the folder containing a Collection’s notes.

Note that you may use the Generate Sample Display Template command beneath the Collection menu to have Notenik generate samples of both of these files. You may then delete one or the other, and modify the remaining file, to achieve your desired effects.

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