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6.1 Decisions to be Made ↑

6.1.3 The Field Labels and Types for your Collection

Each Collection can have its own combination of Field Labels and Types. The fields you choose will help to determine the particular functionality that may be available for your Collection.

Most commonly you might have the following sorts of Collections.

  1. Basic Notes – Such a Collection might have only a Title, Tags and Body fields.

  2. Web Links – Add a Link field to the ones defined for Basic Notes, and you can collect your web bookmarks.

  3. To Do – Add a Date field, a Status field and a Recurs field, and you have a basic task list.

  4. Sequenced List – Add a Seq field and you can sort your list by whatever identifiers are meaningful to you.

  5. Zettelkasten – Add a timestamp field to help prevent your wiki-style links between Notes from breaking when you rename a Note.

  6. Blog – Add several other useful fields if you are interested in generating a blog from your Collection.

  7. Commonplace book – Add Date, Work Title and Work Type to keep a Collection of your favorite quotations.

But you can build a Collection for any sort of purpose you like, and choose whichever fields would be most helpful for your particular intentions.

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