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19. Version History ↑

19.34 Version 10.3.0

Date: 09 Sep 2022 - Friday

Wiki Links Between Collections are now supported.

Add Parent Realm Info File to Restore Window Size and Location

When you close a parent realm window, Notenik will now save a file in the parent folder, with the name of - INFO-parent-realm.nnk. The file will contain the window size and location so that the next time that parent realm folder is opened, the window can be restored to its prior configuration.

Add svg to List of Valid Image Name File Extensions

When using the Image Name field, files with an extension of svg will now be treated as potential image files.

Add Variable Modifier of ‘Z’

The new Linked Tags - Z variable modifier provides an alternate way of generating an HTML link for each tag found within the variable.

Fixed Citation Numbering

Corrected a minor numbering problem that could affect Citations. If you included a citation definition that had no referencing citation, then it would appear in the Citations section, but throw off the numbering of the citations. With this fix, such a citation simply will not appear in the list.

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