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19. Version History ↑

19.29 Version 11.0.0

Date: 08 Dec 2022 - Thursday

Added Option to Format a Shared Note as a Microblog Post

When using the Share with Options command, a new option to format a Note for posting to social media (such as Mastodon) is now available.

Added Option to send a Shared Note to your Web Browser

A new Destination option has been added to the Share with Options screen, allowing the formatted content to be opened in your preferred Web browser. Once you have it there, it can be easily printed or saved as a PDF.

When using a Merge Template, more reasonable defaults are now assumed when formatting Wiki Links. When an output command follows a nextrec command, a Wiki-Style Links Mod of ‘1’ will be assumend; when an output command precedes a nextrec command, a mod of ‘2’ will be assumed.

Web Book Navigation Now Available When Using Merge Templates

When using a Merge Template to create web pages from your Notes, a number of new Derived Variables are now available that can be used to generate the same kind of navigation available when you Export as Web Book.

Corrected a Bug That Could Cause a Crash with Lookup Fields

When using Lookup fields, the app could sometimes crash. This has been corrected.

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