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19.17 Version 12.2.0

Date: 05 Jun 2023 - Monday

Expanded Definition of Alphabetic Characters

When cleaning up a string, alphabetic characters that include accents are now accepted, rather than being skipped. This affects composition of Tags, and also of Note File Names.

Expanded Sequence Depth for Sorting

Notenik would previously only accurately handle sorting for up to six levels of Seq segments; Notenik should now properly sort Seq values of any number of levels.

Better Handling of Images in Streamlined Reading

When using an Image Name field, along with associated fields, Notenik presents a cleaner Display when using Streamlined Reading.

Better Scrolling on the List Tab

The List tab now uses predominant axis scrolling, to prevent the user from accidentally scrolling horizontally when they are trying to scroll vertically. Also, a new option has been added to the application settings, allowing the user to remove the horizontal scroll bar altogether.

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