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19. Version History ↑

19.116 Version 4.0.0

Released on 10 Jun 2020

Added Import Option for XML

At a minimum, this will allow former iWisdom users to import their old collections into Notenik.

Added Double-Click Actions to the Tags Tab

Double-clicking on a row in the Tags tab will now cause one of two actions:

Table of Contents Generation for Markdown

Adding a line containing only ‘[toc]’ within the body field will now cause that line to be replaced by a table of contents containing links to all of the headings following the ‘[toc]’ line. This will only happen if you have chosen to use the Notenik Markdown parser in the Notenik settings.

Any field whose label contains the word ‘link’ will now be treated as a Link field, and will be shown as a clickable link on the Display tab. Additionally, if a Note does not have a simple ‘Link’ field, then launching the Note’s link, or double-clicking on the Note, will cause the first non-blank link field on the Note to be used.

A Link may now be entered without any URL scheme, so long as the implicit scheme of ‘https://’ will be sufficient to access the link.

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